EVENTS Reported on this page are not associated with Homesteaders, but are of interest to Rocky Flats former employees and retirees. Announcement of these events, before the events, usually takes place on the Rocky Flats Workers Facebook Page at


Levi Samora organized another great reunion at C.B. & Potts. Around 400 showed up for the free food and socializing with old fellow workers (use of the words “old fellow workers” is with tongue in cheek because none seem to be getting any younger). Each year this reunion has grown in numbers. Some pictures have been posted on the Rocky Flats Workers Facebook internet site.



There were two events in 2018. The Cold War Patriots held an event at the Arvada Center
which included several high profile speakers. The second event was held at the Westminster Tribute Garden and also had speakers along with the usual honor guard, gun salute and extras. Both were a tribute to former Rocky Flats workers.