Open Enrollment for OVER age 65 participants will be October 15th through December 7th. Open Enrollment for UNDER age 65 participants will be October 25th through November 4th. This is for all carriers.

Open Enrollment is the time you should review your  medical and/or prescription drug coverage(s) and  personal needs to ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate plans as we move into 2023. As in past years, if you are happy with the plan(s) you are currently enrolled in NO ACTION IS NECESSARY for your medical and prescription drug coverages.

If, however, you are considering making ANY changes to your Medicare Supplemental Plan, your Medicare Advantage plan OR your Prescription Drug Plan, you MUST call United Healthcare’s post enrollment center at 1-844-355-3359. This phone call is important to ensure any changes you are considering will not impact or if it does impact, you completely understand your RRA enrollment and eligibility status following such changes.

Participants will still receive the yearly Open Enrollment letter sent to their homes in October via address on file with the Rocky Flats Benefits Center. As reported in a previous newsletter, do not be influenced by the heavy advertising from other health insurance providers about Medicare Advantage programs. Changing to a plan that is  not United Healthcare’s could totally cancel your RRA and you would not be able to get it back.

To receive the full benefit of the RRA to reimburse your cost of premiums you will need to submit a “Recurring Premium Expense Reimbursement Request” form that lists each premium ie: Medicare, UHC Supplement or Kaiser along with drug plan premium. That form should be submitted by the end of the year or as soon as possible to receive your reimbursement for January 2023.

Salary retirees, the Benefits Center will also need to be informed of your premium for Medicare that is held from your Social Security so that amount can be deposited in your RRA fund.

Marlene Elenbaas is available for answers at 303-456-4747

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