What is Homesteaders?

Homesteaders is a nonprofit organization established for long term Rocky Flats employees, both active, past, or retired, and their immediate families, in order to foster:

  • communication and fellowship

    RF before
    Rocky Flats Before Clean up
  • the spirit of mutual helpfulness
  • well being , usefulness, and retirement satisfaction of the members
  • participation in activities that are of service to the local community and of value to its welfare

How Do I Join Homesteaders

Membership to Homesteaders is open to:

  • Past employees of the Rocky Flats Plant (including long-term disability employees)
  • Each retired employee of the Rocky Flats Plant (any operating contractor, or Department of Energy)
  • A surviving spouse of (A) or (B) above

    RF after
    Rocky Flats After Clean up

Dues are due by October 1 and if not received by December 15, the members name will be dropped from membership and the mailing list for The Homesteaders Newsletter.

Current Dues are $5.00 per year.

To join Homesteaders, complete the Dues Submittal Form  and send with payment to:

Jack Quella
11549 W. 59th Place
Arvada, CO 80004-4215